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This Is Our Youth, Dead Behind These Eyes: A Karaoke Play, Trade Practices, Let Me Ascertain You, and Indian Ink

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Juilliard, Bootycandy at Playwrights Horizons, The Winter’s Tale from the Public, Poor Behavior

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TV Series to Showcase Off-Broadway


Nine Off-Broadway theater works from recent seasons, including the Public Theater’s presentation of Richard Nelson’s cycle “The Apple Family Plays,” will get a much wider audience this fall on New York City public television station WNET/Channel 13.

The broadcaster has been working quietly for two years on a new series, “Theater Close-Up,” which begins Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. with John Van Druten’s “London Wall” from the Mint Theater Company, and will run subsequent Thursdays at 10 p.m.

The series is described as a collaboration with the theaters, which also include the Flea Theater, New York Theater Workshop and Abingdon Theater Company. WNET raised the money for production costs, while the theaters paid for the rights for the plays and expenses like stagehands.

The series, which is hosted by Sigourney Weaver, will also be repeated Sundays, streamed online and broadcast on sister station WLIW/Channel 21, but the rights deals do not allow for national broadcast. Mr. Shapiro said fund-raising has also begun for a possible second season.

Super cool. Can’t wait to see the list of plays.

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Super September NYC Theater Preview

It’s a new month and a new theater season, we preview the shows we’re most excited about in September on this episode of the Maxamoo New York City Theater Podcast.

On this week’s episode are LindsayNicole, and Isaac.

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Theater in Edinburgh, Williamstown, and New York

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Fringe NYC Mid-Festival Report

Our mid-Fringe NYC report, we have some enthusiastic recommendations and a few things we didn’t like so much. What have you seen at the NYC Fringe and what did you think about it?

Also, inspired by David Cote’s “Five life hacks to mentally survive the unbelievably shitty Fringe shows you will see” in Time Out New York we share our own tips for surviving bad theater.

On this week’s episode lindsaybarenz, fuckyeahgreatplays and jackinbrooklyn.

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Donkey Punch, King Lear, & The Maids

With itsdlevy, fuckyeahgreatplays, and lindsaybarenz we discuss new productions of Donkey PunchKing Lear, and The Maids and the challenges of having and the benefits of hearing minority opinions.

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NYC Fringe 2014 Preview

The New York City International Fringe Festival is the largest multi-arts festival in North America with over 200 shows at 20 venues during 16 days in August. On this episode of Maxamoo New York City Theater Podcast lindsaybarenz, fuckyeahgreatplays, and jackinbrooklyn preview the shows they’re most excited to see.

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Playwrights & Performers: James Kautz and Jay Stull from The Amoralists

An interview with James Kautz, the artistic director of theamoralists and the director of The Qualification of Douglas Evans (playing at Walker Space through August 9, 2014), and Jay Stull, director of Enter at Forest Lawn (playing at Walker Space through August 9, 2014). We had an earnest conversation about the plays they directed this summer, how they found their way to acting, writing, and directing in the theater, surviving as an artist in New York City, the gamble of producing exclusively new work, and future projects from The Amoralists.


New 2nd Stage Shows, Hedwig & Mini-August Preview

Second Stage opened two new productions this week, Sex with Strangers, at its main stage in Midtown, and Mala Hierba, at its smaller venue on the Upper West Side. LindsayNicole, and Isaac discuss these and revisit Michael Mayer’s production of Hedwig and the Angry Inchstarring Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Hall. They also do a mini-preview of upcoming August shows, including Bedlam Nightmares, Shakesbeer,and King Lear at Shakespeare in the Park.