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Good, bad & recommended: Brits Off Broadway, The Library, Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra

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Playwrights & Performers: Brian Lobel

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Playwrights & Performers: Brian Lobel

Brian Lobel PurgeBrian Lobel (WebsiteTwitter) is a performance artist based in the U.K. He is best known for two performance series, one based on his experience having testicular cancer and the other on the death of his first boyfriend. Purge, a performance from the later series in which Brian publicly litigated whether to keep or delete each of his 1300 Facebook friends, is a favorite of the Maxamoo team.

On this episode of the Maxamoo New York City Theater Podcast, Lindsay chats with Brian about his work, growing up in Albany, moving to the U.K. for better health care, consciously and safely engaging audience members during a performance, and his upcoming projects.

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What’s great, what’s awful, & what we recommend in NYC theater

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Anticipating an Awesome April

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Playwrights & Performers: Kirk Lynn

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Lincoln Center Festival tickets on sale 3/31


Get ready: single tickets for this summer’s Lincoln Center Festival go on sale next Monday, March 31. Full details on this summer’s programming, including The Bolshoi Ballet and Opera, The Houston Grand Opera, Sydney Theatre Company, and more here:

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Playwrights & Performers: Peter Michael Marino

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