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Outstanding October NYC Theater Preview

It’s our monthly preview of theater opening in New York City in October. First, a list of things that we’re excited about but that we’re not discussing because we already discussed them on a past episode: The Fortress of Solitude (covered in the September preview), Forest Fringe (covered last week), Employee of the Year from 600 Highwaymen (covered last week), Lippy (discussed in the EdFringe episode), and Found (on the September 17th episode). But we rapidly get to the point and discuss 10 shows opening in October.

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Shows discussed

Angels in America at BAM

The Tempest at La MaMa

Billy & Ray at Vineyard Theater

The Real Thing from Roundabout Theatre Company

Disgraced on Broadway

Lying from Blessed Unrest

Lost Lake at MTC

The Old Man & The Old Moon at The New Victory Theater

The Last Ship on Broadway

brownsville song (b-side for tray) at LCT3

Chatting at the E:Bar with playwright/actress Zoey Martinson



What are you drinking tonight?

Water…lame I know!

Tell us about NDEBELE FUNERAL. What’s your elevator speech?

The play examines the world of modern South Africa through the aspirations and loss of three characters whose lives intersect in a Soweto shantytown. Daweti, a college…

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Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, TJ & Dave, and Boat

1 week ago



My experience with my lingerie play

So I try not to make myself the center of attention. It’s the reason I don’t go onstage. But Diana Oh’s my lingerie play is important. It’s confronting street harassment, sexual assault, and abuse. It was on Upworthy, for chrissakes. So I said screw it and do it, and signed on to get down to my lingerie for installation 5 of 10.

I spent some time before the meeting in Union Square at Starbucks, trying to focus myself, and of COURSE some dude tried to chat me up and just KEPT TALKING no matter how much I ignored him. More motivation.So we moved to Union Square, and once we set up in our soapbox line, we stripped. This was the scariest part. Sunglasses on, shoes off, step up, go. I tried to meditate. We stood for 3 hours, mostly silent (except to answer questions).

All the bags had the same message on one side:

I respect myself
Please respect yourself
Please respect others
Please respect my body
Please respect me”

The other side had personal messages about why each person was participating.


People talking with their kids about what we were doing.

A mother who sat with her son, talking about us and about consent.

They disappeared and came back with two cases of water. He went down the line and gave everyone bottles.

A girl who didn’t say anything, but walked down the line reading and tearing up.

Talking to an old Brazilian lady who said “I came to America because I thought it was better for women. I am upset but proud of you.”


The fear that my bag would be stolen.

Soon replaced by the fear of my ass being photographed. I was unsettled every time I heard a shutter behind me.

The man who started doing push-ups in front of us, yelling catcalls, and then, when quietly asked to move, said he wasn’t being respected, an ironic word choice given the situation.

I didn’t realize you were participating (or what it was) but this is incredible.  What an achievement!

You are brave. Didn’t realize you were participating. Impressive, important work.

This Is Our Youth, Dead Behind These Eyes: A Karaoke Play, Trade Practices, Let Me Ascertain You, and Indian Ink

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Juilliard, Bootycandy at Playwrights Horizons, The Winter’s Tale from the Public, Poor Behavior

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TV Series to Showcase Off-Broadway


Nine Off-Broadway theater works from recent seasons, including the Public Theater’s presentation of Richard Nelson’s cycle “The Apple Family Plays,” will get a much wider audience this fall on New York City public television station WNET/Channel 13.

The broadcaster has been working quietly for two years on a new series, “Theater Close-Up,” which begins Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. with John Van Druten’s “London Wall” from the Mint Theater Company, and will run subsequent Thursdays at 10 p.m.

The series is described as a collaboration with the theaters, which also include the Flea Theater, New York Theater Workshop and Abingdon Theater Company. WNET raised the money for production costs, while the theaters paid for the rights for the plays and expenses like stagehands.

The series, which is hosted by Sigourney Weaver, will also be repeated Sundays, streamed online and broadcast on sister station WLIW/Channel 21, but the rights deals do not allow for national broadcast. Mr. Shapiro said fund-raising has also begun for a possible second season.

Super cool. Can’t wait to see the list of plays.

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Super September NYC Theater Preview

It’s a new month and a new theater season, we preview the shows we’re most excited about in September on this episode of the Maxamoo New York City Theater Podcast.

On this week’s episode are LindsayNicole, and Isaac.

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Theater in Edinburgh, Williamstown, and New York

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Fringe NYC Mid-Festival Report

Our mid-Fringe NYC report, we have some enthusiastic recommendations and a few things we didn’t like so much. What have you seen at the NYC Fringe and what did you think about it?

Also, inspired by David Cote’s “Five life hacks to mentally survive the unbelievably shitty Fringe shows you will see” in Time Out New York we share our own tips for surviving bad theater.

On this week’s episode lindsaybarenz, fuckyeahgreatplays and jackinbrooklyn.

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